1Mićunović medical
Mićunović medical is one of the leading healthcare institutions in Montenegro. It offers services from all fields of dental, gynecology and contemporary ultrasound diagnostics. Mićunović medical represents a combination of tradition, knowledge, experience and family values. Each patient provides services from general dentistry, dental prosthetics, oral surgery with implantology, orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, dental radiology, all kinds of gynecological and ultrasound examinations. Mićunović medical has a commitment to patients, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and materials. They all have modern amenities and a pleasant ambience. The Center for Dentistry consists of three clinics equipped with the highest world standards. The professional team of Mićunović Medical offers clients and patients with a permanent consultancy team from various fields of dental and gynecology, and provides top-level service. The medical team of Mićunović Medical is made up of Dr. PetarMićunović, dental prosthetics specialist, Dr. GradimirkaMićunović, specialist in gynecology and Dr. MiljanMićunović, dental implantologist.

Web address:
Tel: +382 20 623-880
Address: 4. Jula 56a, Podgorica, Montenegro
Working hours: Monday - Friday 09 - 18, Saturday 09 - 13