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1BGold Luxury Rooms
BGold Luxury Rooms will provide you with top service, professional staff and perfect accommodation in the very center of Split, a beautiful Mediterranean town with more than 1700 years of history. The BGold luxury apartments are just for your vacation and relaxation. Luxury apartments are very modern and luxuriously decorated and equipped with bathroom, air-conditioned and extremely comfortable. The breakfast room is included in the property. Also, the unique part of the facility, distinguished by the others in Dalmatia, is Beauty Clinic Gorica, the only object in the city of Split with 23 years of experience in providing health and beauty treatments that offer services at any time while enjoying your luxurious room. Distance from BGold is 900 meters from the sea coast; 2 kilometers from the city center; 250 meters from the restaurant; 200 meters from the shop. Likewise, BGold organizes one-day excursions to the most attractive places in Split with its beautiful beaches, restaurants, monuments and historical sights. Book your accommodation in BGold and experience the luxury and magical beauty of the city of Split and the very heart of Dalmatia!

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Address: Antuna Branka Šimića 33
Tel: 021 370 482
Working Hours: Monday - Sunday 0-24
Adriatic4you is a Croatian tourist agency specializing in organizing a unique and unforgettable holiday. In addition to the exceptional one-day excursions, which are especially proud, the experts are in transfers, rental services and finding quality accommodation for tourists. The location of their offices in the historical core of Trogir and Split offers a variety of one-day excursions and services they offer. All their tours are fully organized: from transportation, tickets, tourist guides and escorts to equipment, if necessary. With them you can visit Croatian national parks like Plitvice Lakes, Krka Falls and the National Park Kornati where you can discover the natural beauties of Croatia. Adriatic4you can take you to different cities that are historically important, such as Sibenik, Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik and Mostar. If you are looking for relaxation on the Adriatic, join Adriatic4you's wonderful Adriatic sea resorts such as Drvenik, Brač, Hvar and Vis. For those more adventurous, the agency offers the excitement of various adrenaline outdoor activities such as paintball, rafting, kayaking, canoe safari, jeep safari and hiking. Adriatic4you show to its clients and tourists the excursions of the miraculous wonders of Croatia.

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Address: Krešimirova 3, Split
Tel: +38521686870

Health and beauty

1The House of Health and Beauty Gorica
The House of Health and Beauty Gorica is 23 years old and is one of the best beauty centers in Croatia. Studio Gorica works exclusively with state-of-the-art technologies and quality manufacturers. In the home of health and beauty, treatments are provided only by educated and quality staff trained in Germany, Italy and America. Twenty-three years of experience, knowledge, satisfied clients are testimonials of professionalism and quality of service, and Goricanudi's free advice from professionally trained medical staff. Because of all of this, the Gorica Health and Beauty House boasts 5,000 regular customers. Also, the first in Croatia provided their clients with a permanent make-up of their eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. We have doctors, medical staff, cosmetologists, beauticians, pedicures, physiotherapists in the picture. Apart from Split, Studio Gorica also exists in Trogir.

Studio Gorica – Split
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Address: Antuna Branka Šimića 33
Tel: 021 370 482
Working Hours: Monday - Friday 08 - 20 | Saturday 09 - 14

Studio Gorica - Trogir
Address: Stepinca 16, 21220 Trogir
Tel: 021 682 160
Mobile: 091 233 0202
Working Hours: Monday - Friday 11-19 Saturday 09 - 14
ActiMaris is a family of medical cleansing and wound healing products, members of ActiMaris Gel and ActiMarisSensitiv and ActiMaris Forte wound rinsing solutions. Their application is completely safe and painless. ActiMaris products represent a totally natural aid for the treatment and disinfection of the skin, without any chemical additives, preservatives or stabilizers. The products accelerate the healing of wounds and inflammatory processes on the skin and mucous membranes, including the mouth, nose and genitals. It contains active, high energy oxygen, sea salt and ionized water pH of 9.8. ActiMaris Early Gel is especially suitable for decontamination, cleansing and wetting of acute and chronic wounds, skin and mucous membranes, and burns of 1st and 2nd degree. It can also be used as a filler for defective wounds. The sea salt contains sodium chloride as the main ingredient and over 80 other various ingredients from sea water. Along with calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron and bromine there are also essential traces of iodine, zinc, manganese and selenium. As with seawater, these ingredients are present in their natural complex compounds in physiologically accurate concentrations, so they favorably affect the cellular environment and the metabolism of the wound. Increased sea salt content in ActiMaris wound products provides optimum hyperosmotic effect and the swelling rapidly decreases.

ThusActiMaris products are recommended for healing and accelerating healing:
• acute wounds (abrasion, burns, cuts or scarring, insect bites, spikes)
• inflammatory processes on the skin and mucous membranes (acne, abscess, herpes, joint in the mouth, fungal infections, ear inflammation)
• postoperative wounds and scars
• chronic wounds (decubitus, venous, arterial and diabetic uterus, painful wounds)
• burns 1 and 2 degrees
• For inlet parts of urological catheter, PEG tube and drainageActiMaris Gel is especially suitable for the treatment of hard-to-treat and infected wounds, but also as a deep wound filler.

The products are 100% natural and do not cause side effects and are suitable for infants and toddlers

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Address: Technikumstrasse 14, CH-9470 Buchs SG
Tel: +41 71 505 75 25