Contemporary market trends in health tourism

The aging of the population, the growth in living standards and social values that attach great importance to healthy lifestyles are megatrends that today are characterized by developed world economies. Contribute, among other things, to the strong growth of health tourism primarily in Europe and North America. But along with these major growth drivers, which will determine the health tourism industry in the next 10 to 20 years, a number of other trends will shape it:

Democratization of demand and diversification of products

It is anticipated, above all, to further democratize health tourism, targeting new consumer groups with growing interest and preferences for this product, such as younger users, families, and even business entities. These are segments that will encourage further diversification. In the first place, preventive health-tourism offers in the direction of further growth of products such as 'holistic programs' for the health of the mind and body, 'lifestyle programs' of reprogramming of living habits for the purpose of healthier life, digital detox programs, health and wellness programs'.


The competition will impose the need for branding in the function of greater recognizability. Technological innovations Continuous and rapid growth of healthcare technology, such as faster and simpler diagnostics, through "smart systems" for individualized calibration of treatments, to reduce the need for invasive surgical procedures, will also affect many aspects of health-tourism offerings and above all on equipment , expertise and continuous training of staff and 'outpatient' places of treatment. Health tourism stops only 'high touch' but is developing in the direction of 'high tech' products.

Increasing role and importance of medicine and further specialization, standardization and regulation of medical services

The rising prices of medical care in the Western countries and the growing demand for medical treatment from Europe and a number of eastern countries will lead to greater internationalization of medical tourism. At the same time, the increasing competition of preventive wellness programs will lead to greater reliance on medicine as a differentiation factor. In this sense, it is foreseen that medicine will have an increasing role and importance in health tourism. In view of the prerequisite of credibility as a key feature of medical tourism, the anticipated trend of further specialization, standardization and regulation of medical services within the health-tourism offer is particularly emphasized.


In tourism, so important the sense of place will increasingly be transmitted in the sphere of health-tourism offer and local identity, food, healing factors and knowledge in their application will be more and more present in treatments, menus and decorating objects.

Support of insurance companies for health prevention programs

Since prevention is cheaper than treatment, and under the growing number of risk insured persons, health insurance will increasingly support it, further contributing to the growth of preventive programs.

Environmental sensitivity

Offering health tourism as a product motivated by personal health will necessarily have to take care of the health of the environment and in that context envisages a swift turnaround to comprehensive green practice, from the use of natural ingredients in treatments and diet through the use of natural materials, light or ventilation in space design to environmentally responsible energy, water and waste management at the facilities and entire destinations level. Market trends are in favor of further growth in health tourism, but point to changes in its features in the direction of more pronounced medical substantiation and specialization, environmental sensitivity and greater connectivity with authentic local ambience.

In response to the Split - Dalmatia County cluster with the support of the Split - Dalmatia County and the Ministry of Health, the program offers the following:

Promotion and sales at the national and international level Availability of incoming tourist agencies and facilitators in medical tourism Attractive, informative and up-to-date Internet sites of destinations of excursion-tourist centers Building a desirable image of the destination in the world market and developing a health tourism product We advocate a fast and convenient come-out of denunciation throughout the year Support to members and partners in mutual integration with the aim of greater competitiveness of the Split - Dalmatia County cluster